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Tommy Hunter is laying on the bed bored out of his mind when his hands start wandering around massaging different parts of his body.  He pulls off his shirt and begins rubbing his lean, tight abs and chest.  Tommy loosens his jeans and reaches in to feel his manhood growing larger.  As he slips off his jeans, his rock-hard cock is trying to push out the top of his underwear; and, apparently all ready for some much-needed attention.  He slides off his underwear letting his horse-cock spring free from its confines.  Grabbing his long, thick, uncut cock, he begins moving his hands up and down on the shaft.  As he jacks his dick, Tommy pulls his legs back, spreads his tight butt-hole for the camera and teases his hole with his fingers.  He knows how to please himself; and, it does not take him very long.  In short order our hot, young stud is breathing hard, his balls tighten up against his taint and his cock starts spitting creamy jizz all over his perfectly toned abs.  

Tommy Hunter

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