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Theres a new 18 year old sexpot on the block and his name is Spencer Locke. Our dynamic dick director Max Carter probes the newbie who answers every cock quivering question while running himself a warm bath, complete with candles. The feisty flirt strips down, then eases into the tub which he cleverly kept shallow so his fat phallus bobs and sways at the surface as he answers Carter's queries. The high school hottie is from New York where he ran cross country, cheered and played soccer. Speaking of balls, Spencer has been stroking his the entire conversation while diddling his derriere AND that delicious dick. Max mentions how sexy the peaches and cream dream dude is looking. That ignites a slutty show boy spark in Spencer. He slinks around like a sexy siren, turning over to show off his sizzling hot hind end which Max manhandles with sultry slaps and thrusting thumbs. By the time Carter suggests Spencer stand up. his thick groin is fully engorged and pointing toward the heavens. Max gives the meaty member a hot handy while Locke pinches his pretty pink nipples. Spencer sprawls back in the bath spread eagle so he and Carter can tag team his tight hole and raging pole. Carter notices the pleasure on pretty boy's face when his smooth sphincter gets teased with fingers, so Max takes it to the next level offering the beautiful boy a butt plug. He works the naughty toy into his beautiful booty, parting his cupid's bow lips when it fully penetrates his tight pink pucker ...

Spencer Locke

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