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Jared Shaw is one hot, young stud who comes to us from Romania.  We learn during his interview that Jared does not use weights or machines when he works out.  His incredibly sculpted body comes strictly from resistance training, using only his own body.  Jared, ever so slowly, strips out of his clothes giving us time to take in his beauty.  His cock is already rock-hard and doing its best to pop out from the top of his underwear.  Jared pushes his underwear to the floor and grabs his thick, uncut cock.  As he plays with himself he turns for the camera, bends over and makes sure everyone gets a perfect view of that tight, sweet asshole of his.  Jared spreads out on the big black rug and gets down to some serious cock-jacking.  He beats his cock faster and his breathing rate increases.  As his nuts tighten and his toes curl under, Jared squirts a thick load of cum all over his perfect set of abs.  With a wink towards the camera, Jared scoops up some of his cum and begins spreading it all over his naked torso and cock.

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