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You May Remember, before when Timothe surprise's Abel (see scene Timothe Besse surprises Abel Lacourt) Abel was doing a break in his revisions by jacking off in front of a gay porn video. Enter with us into the intimacy of our twink star and watch him have fun alone in his room.

Abel starts by caressing through his underwear  a bump grows quickly. More and more excited he takes out his hard big cock and starts jacking off frantically. While his right hand is going back and forth on his penis, his left hand caressing his nipples and then move down to play with his little hole. The 18 teen boy is moaning by fingering and masturbating and then he rocks his legs behind his head to begin self-licking his cock still fingering his ass.

Abel is on the verge of cumming and will finish ejaculating profusely playing with a pen in his tight hole.

Abel Lacourt

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